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Aeration tank

The biological treatment of the wastewater takes place in the aeration tank. Before the wastewater gets to this tank, it is mixed with activated sludge. This contains countless microorganisms, such as bacteria, that are able to break down the colloidal, organic contaminants dissolved in the wastewater.


Controlling the supply of oxygen in the aeration tank

To create optimum living conditions for the bacteria, the aeration tank must be continuously supplied with oxygen (O2). As aeration is the major single energy user in a wastewater treatment plant, with a power consumption of 50 – 80 %, the first and obvious starting point for saving energy is the oxygen content in the aeration tank. It is absolutely essential to determine and continuously regulate the oxygen content in the aeration tank. The JUMO dTRANS O2 01 two-wire transmitter provides you with a sturdy and cost effective measuring instrument.