Measuring devices for filling level measurement

Filling level measurement with pressure sensors

Even in the filling level measurement sector a pressure sensor is part of the basic equipment. For this measurement the following principle is used: A liquid applies hydrostatic pressure that is always proportional to the level of the liquid. This value serves as the value for the filling level height so that, for instance, a relative pressure transducer on the container bottom is able to detect the actual container filling level.

Here you will find our product overview

Our JUMO MAERA level measuring probes operate according to the same principle. The pressure applied to the probe during level measurement increases the deeper the well is. In this manner, the hydrostatic pressure can be calculated taking the ambient pressure, the liquid density and the body depth into account.

JUMO offers the suitable pressure measuring devices for every application: The process industry, for example, has requirements different to that of the food processing or pharmaceutical industry. The extensive variant range of our products is further increased by the numerous combination possibilities of the devices for filling level measurement.

Precise filling level measurements

Accuracy, reliability and quality are important for every measurement. If the measured values are incorrect, downtimes of entire processes will occur. The intelligent JUMO products not only prevent this but also increase the economic operation of your plant. For filling level measurement the device user-friendliness is just as important as the measuring accuracy of the parameters.

In this manner, the measured values can be directly converted in the sensor of the transducers to application-oriented dimension units (e.g. cbm or liters) by means of digital electronic components. The extensive band width of the measuring ranges and the analog outputs provide individual adaptation possibilities to varied applications in the field of filling level measurement.