Professional humidity measurement by JUMO

Humidity measurement for capacitive / hygrometric measuring methods

Humidity measurement is very important in many industrial sectors. JUMO offers reliable measuring systems for this application. These systems are grouped into capacitive or hygrometric measuring methods and help you to perfectly monitor air humidity.

Here you will find our product overview

The devices for measuring the humidity are available in various versions. Hygrostats, hygro and hygrothermal transducers are available as wall, room and duct versions; industrial measuring probes are available in the wall version. The usual voltage outputs 0 to 1 V, 0 to 5 V, 0 to 10 V or 4 to 20 mA (2-wire) are used as output signals. However temperature scaling can be adapted in the factory.

Special branch solutions for humidity measurement

JUMO humidity measurement devices can be used in many branches. For example: To monitor storage and cold rooms, drying processes, glasshouses/greenhouses, swimming pools and clean rooms.

For air conditioning purposes JUMO offers capacitive hygrostats, simple two-state controllers; in wall-mounted and duct version to monitor the relative air humidity as well as hygro and hygrothermal transducers for more complex tasks in the air conditioning sector up to the support of complete building automation. These humidity measurement devices are particularly suitable for these applications due to excellent long-term stability and high measuring accuracy.

Intrinsically safe industrial measuring probes, which are extremely sturdy and based on the latest sensor technology, are available for accurate and risk-free humidity measurement in potentially explosive areas. The modular add-on concept of the humidity measuring devices consists of four sections that can be separated from each other (holder for wall mounting, case bottom, electronic unit and probe) and thereby makes installation, operation and maintenance considerably easier. Versatile application possibilities in almost every application are possible in connection with exchangeable probes.

The capacitive hygrothermal transducer with intelligent exchangeable probes offers many advantages for monitoring humidity measurement in clean rooms. The plug-type measuring probes, which can be exchanged within seconds, offer the main benefit of this series. Calibration data directly stored in the probe permit a replacement of probes when necessary without any loss of precision. Moreover, precision calibration procedures and the latest microprocessor technology guarantee a reliable measurement and high measuring accuracy throughout the entire operating range. The exceptional long-term stability is based on many years of experience gained from used capacitive humidity measuring devices. Reference probes are available as accessory equipment. These reference probes offer the possibility of checking the measuring loop for function and accuracy.

Depending on the application we offer the suitable humidity measuring device for humidity measurement in your process.