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The modular design JUMO mTRON T uses an Ethernet based system bus and an integrated PLC – also for decentralized automation tasks. This measuring, control and automation system, suitable for a wide range of applications, reflects the combination of JUMO's extensive process expertise with a simple, user orientated and user friendly configuration concept.

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Multifunction panel (HMI)

The multifunction panel 840 with an 8.4" TFT touchscreen acts as a man-machine interface, providing an optimum and ordered view of process states as well as parameter and configuration data in your system. A wide range of preconfigured screen templates specially designed for controllers, program generators and paperless recorders save time and money in your engineering processes.


Central processing unit

The central processing unit contains the process image of your application and also administers the configuration and parameter data of your system. The JUMO setup program makes commissioning fast and convenient. No specialist knowledge is required. You can obtain information about your process values conveniently and securely (logging in with name and password) at any time.


Multichannel controller module

The multichannel controller module features a thoroughly proven PID control algorithm including self-optimizing functions for precise control of your process. Independent control provides maximum reliability for you as the control circuits perform their tasks quickly and reliably, independently of the central unit.


4-channel relay module

The 4-channel relay module features visualization of four switching states through LEDs. The relay outputs are each equipped with an AC 230V/3A changeover contact. A removable terminal strip with push-in technology is available for each channel. This saves you time while ensuring reliable wiring.


4-channel analog input module

The 4-channel analog input module offers you four universal measurement inputs. That cuts the cost of planning as well as resource and stock management. Electrically isolated inputs ensure safe and reliable recording of resistance thermometer, thermocouple and standard signals.


8-channel analog input module

The 8-channel analog input module offers you up to eight analog inputs for resistance thermometers with a two-wire circuit. This variant still features an overall width of 22.5 mm, which helps you save space when arranging the modules in your control cabinet.


12-channel digital input/output module

The 12-channel digital input/output module offers you flexibility through freely selectable DC 0/24V digital input or output channels. Permissible loading of up to 500 mA per digital output ensures convenient system planning.


Router module

With a distributed arrangement of input and output modules on additional DIN rails or in other control cabinets, the router module features a free system layout. Router modules can be spaced at intervals of up to 100 m.



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JUMO mTRON T - Your System