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Test udstyr til temperatur, sporbar / Håndinstrument - temperarturmålekæde (902721)


  • Præcisions temperatur håndinstrument
  • Incl. præcisions Pt100 modstandstemperaturføler
  • Kan også leveres med termoelementer til høj temperaturmåling
  • USB-interface
  • Forsyning via lysnet muligt
  • DAkkS (DKD)-kalibreret testudstyr
  • Måleresultater er sporbare til nationale standarder


  • DAkkS (DKD)-kalibrering
  • Fabriks kalibreringer
  • Kalibrering område -80 til +1100 °C
  • Serie kalibreringer
  • On-site kalibreringer


  • For monitoring all temperature measurement technology used in industrial applications, building technology, and quality assurance
  • Traceability of measurement results to national standards
  • DAkkS (DKD) calibrated test equipment is recognized in Europe and many countries outside of Europe as a means of traceability without a requirement for further information


  • Production, maintenance, and quality assurance
  • Service
  • Climate and environmental technology
  • Laboratory technology
  • Furnace construction

Services & Support – DAkkS (DKD) calibration service


Precision temperature measuring chains from JUMO – because accuracy and long-term stability are crucial.

Increased quality consciousness, improved measurement technology, and quality assurance systems such as DIN ISO 9000 have led to more stringent requirements for process documentation and monitoring of measurement equipment.
Precision temperature measuring chains are the preferred choice for test equipment.
They are used to monitor all temperature probes used in industrial applications, building technology, and quality assurance.
The measured temperatures can be read directly from the device or transferred online using the USB interface. For the purposes of documentation, the "DE-Graph" software (available as an option) allows tables and diagrams to be created and other Windows applications to be used for editing.
For all devices, traceability of the measurement results to national standards is the crucial criterion. DAkkS (DKD) calibrated test equipment is recognized in Europe and many countries outside of Europe as a means of traceability without a requirement for further information. The calibration service is available at any time for existing test equipment.

Calibration services from JUMO – because accuracy is essential!

In almost all processes the need to increase output and quality while at the same time reducing process costs continually grows. They go hand in hand with the reduction of measurement uncertainties during process parameter acquisition. Temperature is one of the most important process variables.
To offer precise, reproducible, and traceable calibration as a service JUMO established a calibration laboratory for the measured value temperature in 1992. It is accredited by DAkkS (DKD – German calibration service).

  • Accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005
  • Laboratory code D-K-15129-01-00
  • Calibration of RTD temperature probes and thermocouples (also with transmitters), data loggers, block calibrators, and electronic thermometers with direct display function.
  • Calibration range from -80 to +1100 °C.
  • Calibration service for third-party devices at excellent value for the money.
  • Inexpensive series calibration for platinum RTD temperature probes in the range between 0 and 150 °C.

We will also gladly perform on-site calibrations at your location for the measured value temperature.
Benefit from the convenience of having your temperature probes and control units calibrated by our trained specialists.
Make sure that you have a reliable as well as accurate measuring and control system.
Traceable measuring results are authenticated by a calibration certificate.

Contact for on-site calibration:

Ernst Schmidt
Phone: +49 661 6003-447
Fax: +49 661 6003-881447


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