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Indstiks-modstandstemperaturføler med tilslutningskabel for solaranlæg (902153)


  • For temperaturer på -50 til +260 °C
  • For måling i sollaranlæg og akkumuleringstanke
  • Langtidsstabilite
  • Cost-optimeret design for solvarmeanlæg
  • Tilslutningskabel af PVC, PUR, silikone eller PTFE


  • Temperaturmåling i paneler
  • Temperaturmåling i varmvandsbeholder


The push-in RTD temperature probes have been especially developed for the requirements of temperature measurement in solar thermal plants. They are used in collectors and accumulators of solar thermal plants. The outstanding features such as sealing, temperature stability, and long-term stability are of particular note and are essential to ensuring reliable system operation for many years. A design specifically adapted to the market requirements enables cost-effective production.
Solar thermal systems almost exclusively use Pt1000 temperature sensors to minimize the effects of line resistance caused by the two-wire circuit technique. Different nominal values for the platinum temperature sensor or other temperature sensors are available as options.


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