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JUMO dTRANS p35 - Tryksensor med IO-Link (402058)


  • Standardiseret, producent-uafhængig IO-Link-interface
  • Måleområder fra +/- 400 mbar til 600 bar relativ tryk / 1 til 100 bar absolut tryk
  • Medietemperaturer -40 til 125 °C
  • Lille, kompakt, robust
  • LED statusvisning
  • Hygiejniske procestilslutninger


  • IO-Link is a vendor-independent point-to-point connection with open standard for the maximum transparency up to the field level (IEC 61131-9)
  • Inexpensive, pre-fabricated connecting cable (no wiring errors)
  • Industry 4.0: pervasive communication ranging from the control to the sensors including retrieval of the process data and diagnostic information
  • More security when exchanging sensors due to automatic parameterization and detection of sensors with different features
  • Reduction of mounting and startup times
  • Reduction of maintenance and service costs while plant availability increases at the same time


  •  Process automation
  •  Machines for the food and beverage industry
  •  General mechanical and apparatus engineering


The pressure sensor measures and monitors relative and absolute pressure in liquids and gases. The effect of the pressure on the pressure sensor generates a signal, which is amplified, digitalized, and processed.

The pressure sensor is equipped with an IO-Link interface according to specification 1.1. IO-Link supports bidirectional communication and is used to exchange the process ‌data, parameters, diagnostic information, and status messages. The two green LEDs are permanently lit as soon as power is supplied to the device. Once an IO-Link connection is established, the LEDs flash.

The switching behavior and the switching thresholds of the switching outputs (max. 2 pieces; "p" or "n" switching) can be individually configured – like many other parameters. Any IO-Link master can be used for the configuration.

As a result, the pressure sensor is suitable for use in plant and mechanical engineering for connecting to automation systems. A variety of pressure connections and measuring ranges are available to the user.

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Grundtype: JUMO dTRANS p35

Indgang: -1..30 bar relativt tryk

Udgang: IO Link målingværdioverførsel, inkl. binær udgang

Procestilslutning: G 1/4 DIN 3852-11

Elektrisk tilslutning: Maskinstik M12 x 1

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